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What’s the Best Way to Install A Surveillance Camera System?

Our Expert Advice on Choosing & Assembling the Right Cameras

What’s the Best Way to Install A Surveillance Camera System?

When no one’s watching, people like to misbehave. That’s why the presence of surveillance cameras alone can be enough to deter criminals on your property. But owning one camera at the door is not enough to shield your house from intruders or suspicious behavior. If someone wants to rob your home, or if there is a threat, you’ll need more backup to prevent or catch it.

The safest surveillance camera system can see clearly in the dark, can’t be tampered with, and records all essential areas of the house. How can you pull this off for your Alameda, CA, home? Read on for our security tips below.

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  • Cover All Vulnerable Locations

Of course, you’ll want a camera pointed at the front door. That’s where packages are dropped off, dog walkers arrive, and where most burglars try to enter. But it’s also a good idea to place a camera higher up, with a clear view of the door camera. In case anyone tries to tamper with the first camera, you’ll see it all. Back doors, decks, first-floor windows, garages, and basement entrances should also be covered. Connected to one system, all this real-time footage will be immediately accessible from your phone.

  • Find the Right Height and Angle

You don’t want anyone vandalizing your cameras after all the hard work put into your system. So, make sure they’re placed about nine feet high—too high for anyone to reach. Cameras at the eaves of your house pointed inward will have a wider viewing angle, and dome cameras can record 360-degree views of your lawn.

  • Make Sure There’s Enough Light

If you catch a criminal on camera in the middle of the night, it’s of little use if you can’t make out their face or the car in the dark. With automated lights, your landscape lighting will activate once any motion is detected. Take it further with starlight technology, which can capture brighter footage than infrared, letting you see colors in the dark.

  • Choose A Wired or Wireless System

A wireless camera system may seem more convenient and easier to install, but it has its drawbacks. Whether your cameras connect and communicate over Wi-Fi or Zigbee, wireless is vulnerable to interference. If you lose connection, that’s it—your cameras won’t be recording and storing footage. If your network is crowded or tampered with, your security won’t work. Alternatively, a wired system is more reliable, but it can be complicated to wire an entire house. In many cases, a mix of wireless sensors and a wired network is a sound solution.

Could your Alameda home use the peace of mind behind a professionally installed surveillance camera system? Contact Hidden Connections to get started. Call us at (510) 865-3940 or submit our online form.

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