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Bring Hidden Audio to Every Room With Help From a Sonos Installer

Sonos Architectural Speakers Tuned for Any Space

Bring Hidden Audio to Every Room With Help From a Sonos Installer

Sonos is a longtime leader in high-quality, wireless speakers, with products ranging from TV soundbars to portable, on-the-go devices. Users love Sonos’ ability to sync multiple speakers to one network, so no matter where you walk in the house, you’ll always be within earshot of your favorite tunes.  

But if you want powerful sound in every room, that’s a lot of speakers to find a place for on counters, shelves, or the floor. Minimalists can rejoice at Sonos Architecture Series of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, disguising speakers right into the walls.

But how do they work? Learn from a Sonos installer in Alameda, CA, below to see if your home is ready for architectural speakers.  

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Audio Out of Thin Air

Like recessed lighting, Sonos architectural speakers are installed inside walls and ceilings with a round or square grille over the opening. We’ll wire the speakers to connect to the Sonos Amp, which automatically detects Sonos devices and optimizes the sound for each.

In-ceiling speakers can also be used in a home theater setting as rear speakers in a 4.1 or 5.1 surround sound system. Ideally, we’ll install them above and slightly behind theater seating. You can power three speakers per Sonos Amp, but all will connect to one Sonos app on your phone.

Group Rooms Through the Sonos App

With in-wall audio in the kitchen, living room, home theater, and even bathroom and outdoors, you can sync every device to play the same playlists and albums. Grouped speakers share the same queue on your Sonos app and will stay grouped until you deselect a speaker.

From the Room tab on the app, simply tap “Group” and choose the rooms you want to listen in, then select “Done.” Or choose “Everywhere” for sound to flow through every speaker in the house. Now whether you’re cleaning, walking from the home office to the fridge, or hosting a party, you won’t miss a moment of your favorite songs.

Perfect Acoustics by Trueplay

Not only is a Sonos speaker system convenient to use, but it’s also customized to sound brilliant with your room’s existing acoustics. Trueplay technology is a spatially-aware technology on the app that measures how sound reflects against walls, furniture, and the floor in your space.

Using your phone microphone through the Sonos app, we’ll walk around the room to gather acoustical information. Within three minutes, your speakers will be tuned to sound vibrant and clear, reducing echo and muffled audio.  

Would you like to boost your home audio in Alameda, CA and the surrounding area? Contact Hidden Connections, Inc., a Sonos installer who can wire and build a system suited to your house.

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